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Role Details

See below the details for the role.

Role Details

Support you will receive

London Feeding Programme, after work distribution – Thursdays 6.30-7.45pm. This is a group activity where your team will support us with the distribution of meals and snacks to our regular queue at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn. We have been distributing meals without interruption since 2011 and we intend to keep doing this

Activities you will be doing
Catering,Community Work
What skills are required for this role

Why these skills are required

It may be nice for volunteers to feel confident speaking to people from all walks of life, but this is a good place to come even if you feel the opposite about your social skills as it will help to build confidence. We need everyone to do an online application via our website, complete an induction zoom call and read and sign some documents.

What is in it for you

Having direct contact with the beneficiaries is a nice opportunity, it will help with social skills, organisation and efficiency, we need to set up tables and do the hand outs quickly (especially in winter).

Time Commitment

Application Process
Role Type
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