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Role Details

See below the details for the role.

Role Details

Support you will receive

Support people with learning disabilities to access financial support, learn about budgeting and find ways to save money. You will be doing online research and posting your results on our intranet. There will be opportunities to assist the Cost of Living project on making referrals to ensure people have the best income source and help with developing budgets.

Activities you will be doing
Administration,Advice, Information & Support,IT, Technology & Websites
What skills are required for this role
Admin, Basic IT skills - internet & email, Reading & Writing

Why these skills are required

Basic IT and social media skills Some experience of doing online research would be useful Good communication skills Reliable

What is in it for you

Enable people with learning disabilities to live more independently. Find ways to save money money and encourage people to learn budgeting skills. Improve your own financial and social media skills. Meet new people and make friends. Opportunities to learn more about different learning disabilities and care work

Time Commitment

2 to 4 hours per week.

Application Process
Role Type
Suitable For
We Welcome
We welcome people from all backgrounds and all levels of ability. Our volunteers and workforce is very diverse and we will try to accommodate any requests