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Role Details

See below the details for the role.

Role Details

Support you will receive

Uploaded on Buzzsprout Platform. 1:Edit audio 2:Oversee analytics 3:Promote the show 4:Interviews 5:Manage the production and schedules 6:Marketing\Promotion 7:Script writing 8:Find guests 9:Manage social media and audience 10:Wrapping up producers roles

Activities you will be doing
What skills are required for this role
Basic IT skills - internet & email

Why these skills are required

Good communication skills ,food with people and organisation skills,an interest in justice and feminism,experience with audio editing software

What is in it for you

Can get training and procedure are written in an easy format.Volunteer guidebook and induction supervision .Also can be the part of vibrant community building a better society for women ,access to all the events and leadership training .

Time Commitment

Application Process
Role Type
Suitable For
18 and over
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